Things I learnt on the go…

66493_10151967871107218_731624625_nWhen friends become your family

About 7 months ago, I started packing my life to fit in 2 suit cases. Yes, 22 years of my life packed and wrapped in just 50 kg’s…once again!

Well, since the age of 9 I have barely ever stayed at home. It all started with going off to boarding school (on my own free will, I was not all that naughty!), then went on to go to Belgium for Rotary Youth Exchange program then to Mumbai to get an undergrad degree and now here I am, in Cardiff, for my masters.

This experience has been massively different from the rest. In school, I was young and was not expected to take care of myself. In Belgium (click to read about my experience), I stayed with a family and they took care of me like their own and while in Mumbai my mom could and would drop by often or I could rush back home at the drop of a hat. However, Cardiff has been different. Not only do I have to take care of my studies but also my finance, groceries and to top it all, myself (it is a task, trust me!) Basically, everything I took for granted before now! When I was down with fever, my mom was not there to make soup or spoil me silly. I had to get off my ass and do it myself!

These last 6+ months have taught me a whole lot! Starting with time difference, it sucks. Sometimes weeks pass by before I speak to the people I was in constant touch while I was at home. Another disheartening aspect is that life at home is going on without me. I feel this even more because I stay in a joint family with my grandparents, parents, siblings, uncle, niece, nephew, a whole lot of people! So there are that many more birthdays and trips that I miss. (Drawback of social media…I have photographic proof of how much fun I have missed!)

Well, to be honest it is not all that bad! I get to met people from across the globe especially on my course (International Public Relations!) Patience and communications skills are put to test on a daily basis, which just makes me stronger and more confident. Overall, it is just a different sense of adrenaline and achievement and growing confidence in my abilities.

I have met so many wonderful people and in a couple more months, life will move on. We will be on our way back home. Saying our goodbyes and making promises to meet. But who knows what life has in store for us, only time will tell! As of now, I am just happy I took the plunge and came to Cardiff.


Few of the people who have made my stay here amazing!

 A lot of Firsts!

Amazing classmates

Bute – the reason I am here! (Source: Google images)


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